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At Mckiver National Inc., we understand that some shipments require more than just a standard dry van trailer. That's why we offer flatbed and stepdeck trailers, which are ideal for transporting oversized or unconventional loads that cannot fit in a traditional trailer. These trailers provide the flexibility to load and unload from any side, and with open sides and top, they are perfect for hauling goods that require extra space or special handling. Moreover, our drivers are highly trained to operate these specialized trailers, ensuring the safe and timely delivery of your cargo.


Power Only

At Mckiver National Inc., we offer customized shipping solutions that cater to the unique needs of every business. By combining our semi trucks with either your leased or purchased trailers, we provide our clients with the versatility, flexibility, and scalability required for their power-only loads. Our semi trucks are capable of connecting with various trailer types, including dry vans, refrigerated, flatbed, stepdeck and RGN trailers, allowing us to help our clients correct network imbalances, position trailers, and adapt to seasonal volume surges.


Heavy Haul Trucking

At Mckiver National Inc., we're prepared to transport all your overweight shipments, such as heavy equipment and cumbersome machinery. Our logistics team will facilitate safe and appropriate routing, obtain necessary permits, and offer guidance to streamline the process, whether you choose expedited or standard shipping. With specialized transport services that are reliable, efficient, and safe, Mckiver National Inc. ensures your cargo is delivered on time and without complications.

oversize load

Oversized Transport

Mckiver National Inc., fleet of trucks and trailers can transport legal and over-dimensional loads, with our over-dimensional department ensuring secure delivery of freight exceeding standard limits. As experts in flatbed stepdeck and RGN carrier services, we guarantee the safe transport of your freight along approved routes with the necessary permits and qualified drivers. Trust Mckiver National Inc. for reliable and efficient transportation of your specialized freight needs.

Custom Transportation Services

Mckiver National Inc. Is Available To Tailor An Ideal Transportation and Logistics Solution For Your Needs; Even If It's Cargo We Don't Haul, We Can Have A Partner Company Assist You.

We specialize in open deck freight, which includes flatbed, stepdeck, lowboy, over-dimensional, and heavy haul freight. We have the understanding to provide transportation and logistic services to destinations throughout North America and to handle most of your business logistic needs.

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